2007 YEAR

On January, 31th at 18:30, Visage Movement Theatre has presented a performance "Improvisation from life" on the stage of Republican Theatre for Young Audiences.

On September 21st-30th Movement Theatre has participated in a Festival of special theaters in Moscow.

On September 29th Movement Theatre Visage has presented a performance "Improvisation from life" in Moscow during the Third All-Russian Festival of theatres "PRO THEARTE". Theatres from Russia, Poland, Portugal, Belarus and also experts of special theaters from Germany, France, Spain and other countries have participated in the Festival.

In 10 days, within the Festival, a conference, master-classes, performances and discussions have been held. All this, and mainly, the communication between actors of the different theatres, as been a huge creative and life holiday for our guys.

We thank the organizing committee of "PRO THEARTE" for their hospitality, interesting program, fine organization and the organized Moscow and different museum excursions. We wish the Festival further success.

The trip of 22 participants of our theatre to Moscow has appeared possible thanks to the financial support of the Ministry of cultural and sport affairs of Uzbekistan which has covered all the charges connected with air flight and health insurance.

We also tank following people organizations for their help in the organization and realization of the trip:
Rano Rashidova, Timur Rashidov, Malika Rashidova, Murad Kamolov.
Creative Association "Uzbektheatre",
Republican Youth Theatre,
Tashkent City Council of Art workers Trade Union.

On September 13th on the stage of Republican Theatre for Young Audiences, Visage Movement Theatre has presented a new dance project. There are 30 dancers in this performance named "A White Seagull above the Dark Blue Lake": young people with special needs and professionals of the Movement Theatre.

"AZIMUTH" ("A way" from Arabian) New dance project of "Visage" Movement Theatre. Premiere was held the 28 th of June.
Made possible with the support of: The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, The Republican Theatre for Young Audiences.

From April, 26 till May, 22 2007 "Visage" Movement Theatre, presented by group of 7 dancers, was on creative trip in France, Anjou region. The Project "Residence of the Uzbek artists in Les Rosiers sur Loire" has been carried out by Culture Association "Courants d'Loire" and "Tourist Office" in Rosiers sur Loire. Financial supporting was given by "Victor Hugo Cultural Center" in France, Rosiers sur Loire town Administration Pays des Vallees d'Anjou region, Uzbekistan Havo Jullari Airways NAC and France Embassy in Uzbekistan.

Within the framework of the Project there were a lot of meetings and performances have been organized at the cultural and youth centers, schools, museums, the Retirement Home, as well as for street festival.

Lilia Sevastyanova and dancers of the theatre have conducted trainings with students of schools and colleges and also with young people with special needs in Angers Psychiatric Hospital Cesame.The picture story about work in hospital "Cesame" can be seen here. (27 photos)

There were some creative events devoted to the presentation of Uzbekistan such as demonstration of film about Uzbekistan, holding the exposition of Uzbek artist works, national traditions and clothes. Dance performances of Visage were also specially prepared for the trip to France.

We thank all of the organizers and sponsors of the Project, and families in Rosiers sur Loire, who gave a hospitable reception for our dancers.

Being in France we have received joyful news from Moscow. Organizing committee of the Third All-Russia Festival of Special Theatres "Protheatre", after competition previewing of performance video versions, "Visage theatre" was obtained a winner of the Festival and invited to the Moscow Festival Week in September 2007 with the performance "Improvisation from life".

We would like to thank our colleagues of "Protheatre" and wish all of the special theatres good luck!

In April, 2007 to Theatre of Movement "VISAGE" 25 years are executed.

On February, 17th at 16:00 together with Republican Theatre for Youth, the action will be spent to support of creativity of children of invalids. The action will include performance "Rainbow`s Day" and an exhibition of figures and hand-made articles of children of invalids of a fine art studio "Skilful handles" CRICI (club of rehabilitation and integration of children of invalids).

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