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2011 YEAR

On December 8 on the stage of the Academic Russian Theatre of Uzbekistan the Visage Movement Theatre presented the premi?re of the dance performance PRESENCE with participation of young people with special needs and professional dancers.

The performance narrates about young people with disabilities entering their adult life. They are looking for points of contact with other people and the world in general. The performance shows what they dream about, what worries them and what makes them happy, what they aspire to and how they solve their life problems. How they need the support of those who surround them and how they help those whom they meet on their life journey.

Production by Liliya Sevastyanova.

Costume designer Nataliya Glubokina.

Fragments from the performances: I dream that I can walk , Ivory Gulls over the Blue Lake, Azimuth, Improvisations from Life, Reflections with participation of all the dancers were shown in the 2nd part of the show

The event devoted to the International Day of people with Disabilities attracted numerous spectators they were much more than the Academic Russian Theatre of Uzbekistan could seat. Prolonged applause and enthusiastic comments of the audience prove that people feel deeply touched.

The project was implemented thanks to the support of

the Embassy of the German Federative Republic in Uzbekistan,

the Embassy of the United States of America in Uzbekistan

and the Academic Russian Drama Theatre of Uzbekistan.

We also express our gratitude to all the sponsors and partners for their help and cooperation in 2011:

The Social Development Fund of the World Bank (the Program of small grants);

The Tashkent Office of Internal Affairs for providing security during our performances;

The Supermarket chain Korzinka.uz;

Mrs. Rimma Rashidova;

Co Ltd "Concepptuall-JVSD";

The Republican Theatre of Young Spectators;

The Department of Social Charity of the Tashkent and Central Asian Metropolitanate;

Internet Service Provider uzsci.net for supporting our site;

Umidvorlik Centre;

Mrs.Ulviya Iseeva

all the organizations and kind people supporting us.

* * *

June 29, 2011
Dear friends!

The Visage Movement Theatre Companyhas the honor to invite you to the performance of "White Seagulls over the Blue Lake"with participation of people with disabilities, and professional dancers. The performance will take place on June 29 (Wednesday) at 6.30 P.M.on the stage of the Academic Russian Drama Theatre of Uzbekistan (24, Ataturk str.)
The first part: the performance "White Seagulls over the Blue Lake",
the second part: the fragments of dance performances "Azimuth", "Reflections", "I Dream that I am Walking", "Improvisations from Life".
Duration of the performance is 1 hour 40 min. with intermission.

* * *

January 8, 2011. The Visage Movement Theatre presented a festive program within the framework of the charitable fair "Time of Wonders" at hotel Dedeman.

We thank "A-Club" for the annual festive occasion they organize for children with disabilities and for their regular cooperation with our theatre.


Art director : Lilia Sevastyanova,   Tel: (+99890) 808 80 54,     e-mail: visage.theatre@gmail.com
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