AZIMUTH ("A way" from Arabian). New dance project of "Visage" Movement Theatre. Premiere was held the 28 th of June.

Photos by Patricia Ledru: "AZIMUTH", Festivals in France (Montreuil Bellay and Les Rosiers sur Loire).

—horeographed and staged by:
Lilia Sevastyanova.

Set and costume designer :
Natalia Glubokina

Uzbek traditional music,
and music of Dmitri Yanov-Yanovsky.

Anton Avrutsky, Olga Ostanina, Victoria Gordienko, Andrey Zarovsky, Eugenya Zemtsova ŗnd "Visage" Movement Theatre students.

The performance is a result of our aspiration to link all of the most significant and splendid knowledge and feeling about Uzbekistan land, its nature, history, peoples and traditions. To find expressing through the choreography stylized approximately to ancient, oriental miniature, poetry, architecture and internally ascending to eternal spiritual truth.

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Art director : Lilia Sevastyanova, Tel: (+998 90) 808 80 54,     e-mail:

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