Dance performance with the participation of professional artists and young people with special needs.

Choreographer :
Lilia Sevastyanova

Evgenia Biserova.

The rebirth of a persons soul begins when someone discovers it and believes in it.

Music : I.S. Bach, A. Part, I. Smirnov, R. Palmerin, C. Diaz, Sa gaza, La petite valse

It is impossible to show dance to the blind person or to explain deaf-mutes, how to dance under music.

Having ICP never can repeat movements of the choreographer.

But to induce people with the limited opportunities to express through art gestures the feelings, experiences, aspirations it has appeared possible.

Having come on performance, you have an opportunity to meet alive, deep art and to support activity of unique theatre.

Performance occurs as a dance class, where all of the participants do dancing, rhythmic, spontaneous exercises. While this process, individual portraits and dialogs demonstrating spiritual beauty and unique of each person are originated irrespectively of their social status and level of health.

Young people in wheelchair, children with physical and mental aftereffect of ICP, invalids of hearing, vision and growth take part in the performance. Artists and students of VISAGE Movement Theatre Company help them.

Duration of performance - 1 hour 15 minutes
First performance was hold in June 2006

Project was issued under supporting of:
German Embassy in Uzbekistan ,
Swiss Embassy in Uzbekistan,
Russian Academic Drama Theatre of Uzbekistan,
Republican Theatre for Youth.

Art director : Lilia Sevastyanova,   Tel : (+998 90) 808 80 54,     e-mail:

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