I dream that I can walk…
The dance performance with participation of people with limited ability and “VISAGE” Movement Theatre’s dancers (20 people).
Anechka Kostoglotova, 11.
Cerebral paralysis. Every minute of her life is a struggle. She must fight with her body on each step – her body doesn’t want to walk. She defeats her unruly speech in every word. And every playing scene is a big victory of a little girl.
Irina Ognivenko, 40.
Lost sight at 19 and since then has undergone 20 surgeries. What gives her strength to keep living, believing, working and …helping others? Irina is a masseur. Her therapeutic massage helps people. Every evening she checks her daughter’s homework, bakes and does all the housework like other women.
Sasha Saldina, 12. When watching how lightly, lively and musically is dancing this girl, it is hard to believe she cannot hear. Sasha adores to take part in performances of the Movement Theatre and concerts of the specialized school for deaf children ¹101 where she studies and where they do a lot for aesthetical development of children.
Valeriy Kogan, 22. CIP
Even being chained to wheelchair with his cerebral paralysis, Valera’s will to learn and inner vigor break his disability. At home Valera practices gymnastics, reads books, makes mosaic pictures. His participation in art studio and performances of the Movement Theatre realize his inner requirements and give communication, which is very important for young man.
Zarina Rashidova, 17.
Any healthy person could envy of her willpower, energy and interest in life. And that is despite the fact of her the first time she got light hope on walking, speaking, thinking, and learning. Only Zarina’s parents, like all of the parents, know the hard way from disease’s hostage to endow to create person.

Nargiza Bakirova, 17.
Cerebral paralysis. In spite of her serious illness, Nargiza never lets herself any pampering. She studies hardly at a normal school, helps her mother at home and like other participants passionately works at KRIDI and “Umidvorlik” Creative Studio.

Among the participants of the performance there are also children from the junior group of the Theatre and KRIDI (Club of Rehabilitation and Integration of Disabled Children) dance studio.
Dancers and trainees of the “VISAGE” Movement Theatre:
Anton Avrutsky, Viktoria Gordienko, Olga Ostanina, Andrey Zarovsky, Kamila Shamsutdinova, Lyudmila Gordienko, Ilya Ostanin...

The idea of this performance was taken from the real story about American girl, Helen Keller (b.1880). She had got serious infant disease made her deaf, dumb and blind at her scarcely 2. We could just imagine how it was hard and painful for her to vanquish darkness and silence. And how happy she met whoever helps her on her way to the light.

After years Helen had graduated with excellence from college and written a lot of books. She read lectures and was advisor to a number of administrations. This deaf-dumb-blind girl became a striking and incentive example for many children and adults.

Now, using theatre language dancers reflect on a way of supporting each other in life. Professional dancers help disabled to realize their feelings and emotions through movements. Handicapped participants make hearts of people around more perceptive and attentive to life with their sincere creation and gestures.

I. S. Bach, V.A. Mozart, K. Gluck, D. Sgambati, R. Aubry,
Piazzola, Madredes, W. Ackerman, Hugues le Bars, K. d’Alessio

Staging and choreography: Lilia Sevastyanova
Artist-decorator: Luce Jotter (France)

Duration of performance - 1 h.
First performance was in April 2004

Art director : Lilia Sevastyanova,   Tel: (+99890) 808 80 54,     e-mail: visage.theatre@gmail.com

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