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2020 YEAR

VISAGE Movement Theatre participated in the International Special Theatre on-line Festival “Begasas” (Lithuania, 2020)

2019 YEAR

* * *

On the occasion of International Day of Disabled Persons, the “Visage Movement Theater ” presented performances on December 10 at the State Academic Russian Drama Theater of Uzbekistan and on December 1 at the Tashkent and Uzbekistan Diocese. We thank Metropolitan of Tashkent and Uzbekistan Vladyka Vikentiy and the Tashkent and Uzbekistan Diocese for organizing these events. We thank the Directorate and all the services of the GARDT, and our friends - volunteers! The theater team also took part in a large concert at the International Palace of Forums of Uzbekistan and in the exhibition of the First Congress of Volunteers of Uzbekistan.

* * *

Viewers reviews:

Evgeny Sklyarevsky: Ah, this “Visage Movement Theater” that he creates with us! He walked in complete confidence that I would not worry, I would control myself ... What is it! This music, these movements, this is something unimaginable - the abyss opened and I fell into it and soared to where are the stars, where is the breath, where is the excitement, where is something important that made us. And earthly fluttering seemed so funny and petty and so did not want to return from there ... Thank you, Lilia Pavlovna Sevastyanova and her company for impossible moments!

Irina (Indra'Ni): Dear Lily !!! I am still very impressed by yesterday’s performance ... !!! This is a real Hymn of Life and Vivacity !!! Looking at the stage, at your guys and girls, you forget about their features ... How much spirituality in them! These are real full-fledged People who give a head start to everyone else, showing by their own example how to live !!! I know that the Lord is always with us, but I felt it especially strongly yesterday. Great Gratitude and deep bow to you, your troupe and the organizers of a wonderful event! More often remind people of yourself ...! We need this ...

Irina Kepanova (FB): Yesterday I watched the performance of the Lik Theater (Visage Movement Theater) for the fifth time. In addition to the fact that everything that happens on the stage is harmonious and radiates good, the performances of the inclusive theater give strength to deal with their own ailments. I cried - like the first time. These are good tears, bright. Bright because it is seen how the actors rejoice that they are on stage, that they are together, they are needed, they are alive. It's fine.

Ksenia Basova(FB): An evening that cannot be forgotten. Tashkent in the fog and festive garlands. The streets are empty, taxi and car drivers are real aliens - for some reason they don’t know the city and how to get to the Russian Drama Theater. And in the theater today a sacred action took place - the hearts of those present were plunged into a different reality. In this reality, on stage, girls and guys with innate features lived their feelings. Next to them were professional actors. Sensitively sensitive, they carefully helped depict the beauty of the soul through the beauty of movements and accompanied by beautiful music. Amazing team, amazing production, amazing experiences that gave new solutions and meanings ...

Marina: I want to thank you for everything that you do. You teach to see good where not everyone can see. You give faith when people doubt themselves, and support when they need it. Thank you for withstanding any emotional outburst, for trying to support and for teaching something new, thereby opening up new facets of the world to people who are in great need of it. Thank you for not giving up emphasizing the importance and uniqueness of each of your ACTORS !!! Thank you for helping to get in and enjoy the wonderful game, wonderful people!

Galina Kozlova: ... it was amazing! There are no words to convey all the feelings. Great and touching! ... How much LOVE you need in your heart to do it! Thanks a lot! And God grant you health, strength, patience, energy, success, prosperity ...

* * *

With blessing Metropolitan of Tashkent and Uzbekistan Vikentiy December 1, at 15-30 in the Conference-Hall of the Tashkent and Uzbekistan Diocese Creative meeting with the Visage Movement Theater Integrated Company brings together young people with disabilities and professional dancers.
You will see scenes from the performances, learn how performances are created and rehearsals take place, how creativity helps dancers with and without disabilities understand each other and comprehend the meanings of life.

“Visage Movement Theater - multiple Laureate of international festivals in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Pskov, as well as in Belarus, France, Ukraine and other countries.
The artistic director of the theater is Lilia Sevastyanova.
Duration - 1 hour. 15 minutes.
Free admission!

The Visage Movement Theater presented the performance in Moscow! On September 21 - 28, 2019, Moscow hosted the Festival Week within VII All-Russian Festival of Inclusive Theaters "Pro-Theater". The most interesting inclusive plays were shown during these days. Our performance “Uninvented Portraits” was successfully held at the theater hall of the Moskontsert. We express gratitude to “Pro-Theater” festival for excellent organization of festival week. Metropolitan of Tashkent and Uzbekistan Diocese Vikentiy has given benedicton to The Visage Movement Theater for the participation in Moscow festival and the Government of Moscow provided to theatre all necessary support.

* * *

Perfomance of " The Visage Movement Theater" on the charity event TWIG. Charity dinner for people with disabilities was organized in Wyndham Hotel on June 6, 2019. After the dinner " The Visage Movement Theater" presented short perfomance for people with disabilities from different public organizations of Tashkent. We express our gratitude to Cholpon Antonens and all women from TWIG for arrangement of this event and assistance given to people with disabilities and their families.

The Visage Movement Theater performs in Yekaterinburg again! The Visage Movement Theater was in Yekaterinburg on February 20 - 26 at the invitation of the festival "Blue Bird - inclusive". On the stage of the municipal ballet theatre "Nutcracker" we presented the perfomance “White Seagulls over the Blue Lake”. Liliya Sevastyanova also conducted several master classes for young people with disabilities and specialists in inclusive area of city of Yekaterinburg. The theatre team visited historical landmarks and sanctuaries of Yekaterinburg and Verkhoturye. We express our gratitude to Metropolitan Vikentiy of the Tashkent and Uzbekistan Russian Orthodox Church for making our trip to Yekaterinburg possible.

2018 YEAR

The Visage Movement Theater Performs in Moscow! International Festival “Ariadne's Thread” took place in Moscow between November 18 and 25, 2018. The Visage Movement Theater presented its “White Seagulls over the Blue Lake” at this festival. The performance took place on November 23 on the stage of “Eldar” Museum's Cinema Club. Lilya Sevastyanova, the Visage Director, participated in the scientific-practical conference within the “Ariadne's Thread” Festival. She spoke on her own methodology of dance improvisation. Liliya Sevastyanova and her dancers also conducted two master classes for numerous participants, teachers and directors of various inclusive theaters of Russia.

The Visage Movement Theater Performs in Minsk! From September 18 to 25, 2018 the Visage Movement Theatre was at the International Festival of Student and Youth Theatres named “Theater Koufar” in Minsk, capital of Byelorussia. “Out of the Depths I have Called to Thee” was presented. Lilya Sevastyanova together with her dancers conducted a master class for young actors from various theaters. We express our heartfelt gratitude to Metropolitan Vikentiy of the Tashkent and Uzbekistan Russian Orthodox Church for making our trip to Minsk possible.

The VI International Moscow Festival of University and Youth Theaters took place in Moscow as part of the XII World Congress of the International Association of University Theaters AITU-IUTA. This large-scale event was organized by the Moscow Theater “Most” (Bridge). Lilya Sevastyanova was invited by the Congress' organizing committee to make presentation about the Visage Movement Theater. She also ran dance improvisation workshop for young artists of student theaters from Russia and the Philippines.

The Visage Movement Theatre's performance at Alliance Francaise Tashkent! On May 31, 2018 the Visage Movement Theatre gave a performance at the charity event organized by Alliance Francaise and TWIG (Tashkent Women's International Group). Part of this event was also the art exhibition of the Centre for People with Disabilities “Sanvict”. We express our gratitude to Cholpon Satylganova, TWIG President, and Dilshod Akhmedov, Alliance Francaise Tashkent Director, for organizing the event and their help to the theatre in preparing our performance.

Pskov, Russia, gives a standing ovation VISAGE Movement Theatre participated in the Other Art International Festival in Pskov (Russia) on May 15-18 2018. The Pskov audience gave a standing ovation after our dancers’ performed “Improvisations from Life” at Pskov Academic Drama Theatre on May 17, 2018. The Pskov local news internet site http://gubernia.pskovregion.org/society/improvizacii-na-temy-zhizni/ called “the VISAGE Theatre production “Improvisations from Life” … this year’s brightest example”. The Other Art Festival promotes social adaptation and cultural integration of people with disabilities by means of visual art, music, and drama. Art exhibitions, performances and drama productions took places in many venues and even in the streets of this historical North Russia town. The same source further comments: “the inclusive choreography by VISAGE Movement Theatre from Uzbekistan is not only optimistic but spectacular as well. VISAGE Movement Theatre is ahead of many theatres… whose productions are nominated for prestigious awards”. We express our heartfelt gratitude to Metropolitan Vikentiy of the Tashkent and Uzbekistan Russian Orthodox Church for making our trip to Pskov possible. We much appreciated the excellent event management by the Other Art organizing committee and the opportunity to visit historical landmarks and sanctuaries of the Pskov region.

2017 YEAR

* * *

The audience responses to the Visage Movement Theatre Jubilee Production on November 21, 2017.

Natalia Chunina, photographer:
"Don’t worry whether you are loved. Worry whether you love.”
Once again, the Visage movement theatre electrified, mesmerized and cleansed my soul.
The only inclusive theatre in the Central Asia is 35 years! I am taking my hat off to you!

Alla Gazheva:
The Visage Theatre is the best of what Tashkent can be proud of nowadays!

Evgeniy Sklyarevsky, journalist:
he audience dies and resurrects while watching the Visage Movement Theatre productions.
First, the music, dances, movement make us all go crazy. Merry polkas and waltzes intertwine with hard to bear, painful scenes. All of a sudden, an abyss opens up, and something great, important, beautiful, kind comes down. You want to run, cry, love, help the world; all our small sins seem so petty; and you are overwhelmed, blistered, speechless...
Then comes the storm of applause, a standing ovation. The audience gives wild cheers when Lilia Pavlovna Sevastyanova presents the dancers. This blind woman, she does not miss a single rehearsal, arriving there by bus all by herself. Farangiz, the dancer --- she does not hear. Valera, in a wheelchair – he is the most diligent learner. There are kind words for everyone. People in the audience cry, not for pity but for delight at seeing this leap of trust made in order to create the miracle of dance...
Thanks to Lilia Pavlovna and all who helped!

Leyla Shahnazarova, an essay writer:
Even before seeing the production, I knew that the shock from it would take my peace away. What I did not realize was that I would have lost something invaluable had I not come that day to see the performance: Lilia Pavlovna’s message that charity and kindness are above justice, above everything in this wide world.
Another lesson learned from Lilia’s dancers is to remember that life is a smile even if tears are running down your face .

Malika Karamatova:
The theme of one improvisation was "Don’t worry whether you are loved. Worry whether you love”. I had heard about it before, but this was my first time that I saw people with disabilities perform together with professional dancers.
[Days after] I still feel delighted and inspired.
Watching the actors move on stage was a delight; their graceful and harmonious moves kept you spellbound. We needed no words; every gesture spoke volumes.
I cried, and not me alone. There was a dance on wheelchairs; it was impossible to stay nonchalant! I was in tears but what I felt was joy.
It felt like seeing with the heart. As if somebody opened up my senses, stripped my heart naked and said, ‘See‘!
These people have such a will to live! They make us feel ashamed for occasionally feeling not motivated to do anything.
There was an unbelievably beautiful Uzbek dance, in luxurious costumes, to some old melancholy tunes.
It also left nobody indifferent. The whole program seemingly took only a second, so intense were the emotions it caused. We ended up feeling gratitude to the founder and director Lilia Sevastianova and longing to see more of it!

Gulya Tursunova, a teacher:
Thank you for the production. I was with my sixth graders. They all liked it so much! The kids were stunned! One mom wrote that her daughter kept talking until night about what she had seen!

Malika Rashidova:
The production was beautiful; this time the level of optimism was especially high. The theme of Overcoming wove all pieces together. The melody “My Path” in the end and “The Lord’s Supper” were so deliberately well-chosen!

Venera Aznabakieva:
Thank you so much... It is a shame that the theatre has no “home” to drop by and just chat...
Did not they deserve it by the 35 years of their work? Something must be done. Let us all write to the [Government] portal...

Ekaterina Strazdina:
Every time [I see their productions] I leave stunned, and this time was no exception...

* * *

21st of November 2017 18:30.




with its jubilee program of inclusive choreography


devoted to the 35th anniversary of the Visage Movement Theatre and the 15th year of work as an integrated group.

You will see the best fragments from the performances with participation of people with special needs, professional dancers and young students.

The choreographic performance will «narrate» about how young people with disabilities entering their adult life are seeking for points of contact with other people and the world at large.

The dramatic concept of all the performances of the Visage Movement Theatre is based on real events from the lives of the dancers: some of them are blind; others are deaf and dumb or have mental or physical disabilities. Some dancers have spent most of their lives on wheelchairs.

Normally people from their environment help them to take a new step, help them to make a discovery or to win. But the dancers with disabilities themselves can bring something important to this world and even help other people. Their presence and creative work makes the hearts of healthy people kinder and softer

But the dancers with disabilities themselves can bring something important to this world and even help other people. Their presence and creative work makes the hearts of healthy people kinder and softer.

The spectators will also be able «to see» the rehearsal of the integrated group and sense how through the unique methodology of movement improvisation the dancers create meaningful movements. This methodology helps various people to feel united through creativity.

The work of the Visage Movement Theatre asserts the value and uniqueness of every human being's soul regardless of his or her social status and state of health.

The anniversary performance will take place on the 21st of November at 18:30 on the stage of the State Academic Russian Drama Theatre of Uzbekistan at the following address: 24 Atatyurk street.
Duration – 1 hour 30 min. without interval.
Admission with free invitations!

You can get the invitations at the booking office of the State Academic Russian Drama Theatre of Uzbekistan, telephone 2338165,
or call the Visage Movement Theatre telephones +99894 6774928,+99899 8520146,
E-mail:visage.theatre@gmail.com For iquiries in English, please call +99894 6537931.

The founder and artistic director: Lilia Sevastyanova.

* * *

The Visage Movement Theater participated in the First World Congress for Persons with Disabilities!

From September 7 to 10 the First World Congress for Persons with Disabilities took place in Ekaterinburg. Seven hundred delegates from 28 countries came to this Congress the motto of which was «Making Values Visible».
The Congress with its numerous important and interesting activities became a grandiose event which was conducted in the atmosphere of warmth and friendship. We lived those four days as one big family taking part in stage performances, master classes, excursions and discussions.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin highly appreciated the work of the First World Congress for Persons with special needs.
Evgeniy Kuivashev, Governor of the Sverdlovsk region, read Vladimir Putin's warm address to the congress participants:
«I believe that your forum, devoted to the most significant aspects of improving the quality of life of people with disabilities, is an event of great public value. It is a serious contribution to solving a wide range of tasks related to providing proper conditions for these people's professional and creative self realization as well as forming their active world-view. And of course the congress platform will allow you to exchange experience, to discuss interesting ideas, to get to know best practices and inclusive technologies».

The congress was held at a very high level. A real inclusive space was created, which is a preimage of an ideal inclusive society where every person irrespective of his/her state of health can find a proper place. All participants could show their potential and achievements, see what others could do and understand how to move on.

The Visage Movement Theater performed at the opening ceremony of the Congress, participated in the discussion «Making Values Visible through creative art» and in the inclusive ball. The activities of the Theater attracted great interest of the delegates from various countries of the world.

In turn, we applauded the wonderful inclusive orchestras from Ekaterinburg, Germany and Norway. We enjoyed the inspiring and friendly atmosphere of the Inclusive Ball and admired handicrafts made during the workshops.

We express our profound gratitude for our participation in the Congress:
To Vladiko Vikentiy, the Metropolitan of Tashkent and Uzbekistan, the Head of the Central Asian Metropolitan Okrug,
To the Management of the First World Congress for Persons with Disabilities and personally to Vera Igorevna Simakova.


  1. Ñongress site
  2. Official site of the Administration of Culture of the Administration of Ekaterinburg

Photo report:

* * *

From May 11 to 14 The Visage Movement Theatre was in the town of Ekaterinburg (Russia) as the guest of the Festival of Young Talents “Blue Bird - Inclusive”. The Company presented the performance “Meeting” and also participated in the festival's gala concert .

Liliya Sevastyanova with the help of the theater’s professional dancers conducted a practical master-class “Danse Improvisation is the Universal Language of Ño-authorship in Integrated Group”.

The Visage Movement Theater's participation in this significant sociocultural project was made possible due to the support of Tashkent and Uzbekistan's metropolitan Vikentiy.

2016 YEAR

* * *

On December 21, 2016 at the initiative of the British Council the Visage Movement Theatre showed an improvised performance at the closing ceremony of the exhibition «The New Past: Modern Art of Great Britain».

The performance was organized as a unique dialogue between the dancers and the exhibits. The Theater expressed its vision and attitude to the problems and topics presented at the exposition.

Students of the Tashkent Theatre Institute also participated in the performance of the Visage Movement Theatre.

The exhibition was conducted by the British Council in cooperation with the Gallery of Fine Arts of Uzbekistan.

* * *

The Visage Movement Theatre presented performance in Moscow!

The 6 th Russia Festival of special theaters Proteatr (proteatr.ru) took place in Moscow from September 26 to October 2, 2016. It is one of the most prestigious and serious festivals in the sphere of integrated theatre art. The festival week of Proteatr takes place once in three years bringing together the best performances from various countries. The chairperson of the jury is Olga Ostroumova, a well known actress of theater and cinema, People's Artist of Russia.

The Visage Movement Theatre presented the performance «Out of the Depths I Have Called to Thee...» and became laureate for the fourth time.

Right after the performance and later in internet we heard many expressions of gratitude from the spectators. Here are some of them:

«Thank you for the profound and inspiring performance»
Nataliya Redosubova, Tula

«Today I have seen the performance of the Tashkent theatre «Visage». I thought I should have brought my elder daughter. Just because one should not consume only sweets and American cartoons, one should also see something different that many prefer not to notice»
Anna, Moscow

«It was something exceptional, different from everything I saw before...»
Olga Demidova, Moscow

«The Visage Theatre from Uzbekistan brought the performance «Out of the Depths I Have Called to Thee...». It is an impressive story of the main character having cerebral spastic infantile paralysis. About how he communicates with the world around him. On simple truth comes up after seeing the performances of the festival week – to help each other and to be close to those who need us»
Mariya Pospelova, photographer, Moscow

As part of the educational program of the festival Lilya Sevastyanova together with her group conducted a master class on dance improvisation. The Visage Movement Theatre also participated in wonderful master classes conducted by Russian and foreign directors and teachers.

We express our deep gratitude to the organizing committee of Proteatr for the high organizational and creative level of the festival and also for very interesting excursions.

We heartily thank the Metropolitan of Tashkent and Uzbekistan, Vikentiy, for his support related to the Theatre's travel to the festival.

* * *

On May 5, 2016 the Visage Movement Theatre presented MY FRIENDS in the Spiritual and Administrative Centre of the Tashkent and Uzbekistan Eparchy. It was devoted to the International Day of Child Protection and was organized with the blessing of Vikentiy, Tashkent and Uzbekistan metropolitan.

The presenters were Nasiba Djumabaeva and Aleksandra Plotnikova. Nasiba joined the group only a month ago. So she shared her impressions of her new friends who showed fragments from various performances. Aleksandra has been with the Theatre for 10 years and dances professionally. She spoke of their rehearsals and conducted one with other dancers.

We express our gratitude to the Tashkent and Uzbekistan Eparchy for organizing the event, for the presents to all the participants and for the support of our integrated Theatre.

2015 YEAR

* * *

From November 18 to 26 <<the Visage Movement Theater>> participated in the International Dance Festival <<Inclusive Dance - 2015>>in Moscow. The company presented <<Out of the depths I have cried to thee...>>, and also performed at the gala concert of the Festival Laureates and for the high school students in the town of Podolsk.

From October 29 to November 1 <<the Visage Movement Theater>> dancers were in Ekaterinburg to show a performance on the stage of the <<Schelkunchik>> municipal theater as part of the <<ArtEkaterinburg - 2015>>

On August 20 on the occasion of the Anniversary of the USA Law on People with Disabilities the Visage Movement Theater gave a performance at the US Ambassador Pamela Spratlen's residence.

On may 31 during the Pentecost the Visage Movement Theater performed at the Tashkent and Uzbekistan Eparchy with Metropolitan Vikentiy's blessing.

On February 15 the Visage Movement Theater was invited by TWIG to perform at the Hotel Miran International

2014 YEAR

* * *

The Visage Movement Theatre became the Grand-Prix Inclusive Dance festival winner.

* * *

Dear friends,
The Visage Movement Theatre has the honor to invite you to the performance of
"Uninvented Portraits" with participation of young people with special needs
and professional dancers and pianist.

The performance will take place on July 15 (Tuesday) at 6.30 PM
on the stage of the Ilkhom Theater of Mark Weil (5, Pahtakorskaya str.)

Production by Lilia Sevastyanova.
Costume designer-Natalya Glubokina.

Music by V.A.Mozart, Ludovico Einaudi, A Vivaldi, George Gershwin,
Vladimir Rebikov, Paolo Pizzigoni, Paul Anka.

"Uninvented Portraits" is devoted to young people with disabilities
entering their adult life.
They are looking for points of contact with other people and the world at large.
Sometimes music and movement rather than words become a connecting thread,
since they are able to express the depth of a human soul and touch the
hearts of others.

Duration - 1 hour 20 minutes.

Entrance by invitation only.
Contacts of the Visage Movement Theatre:
To request an invitation please call Anna (+99891) 1904407.
Calls in English only to Aizada(+998 94) 6537931

Art director - Lilia Sevastyanova
Tel.: (+99890) 808 80 54
e-mail: visage_theatre@inbox.ru

* * *

Dear friends,
We are glad to inform you that the Moscow office of the magazine "Ballet" published "Modern Dance of the Post-Soviet Space". In this book a famous Moscow critic Ekaterina Vasenina collected and analyzed the experience of Contemporize dance theaters including the "Visage Movement Theatre". We thank Ekaterina for her great work. We also express our gratitude to the outstanding Russian culturologist Vadim Gaevskiy for appreciation of our work in the comments to the article about our Company in this book.

Art director : Lilia Sevastyanova,   Tel: (+99890) 808 80 54,     e-mail: visage.theatre@gmail.com

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