On December 8, 2011 the Visage Movement Theatre presented the first night performance of PRESENCE with participation of young people with special needs and professional dancers.

The performance narrates about young people with disabilities entering their adult life. They are looking for points of contact with other people and the world in general. The performance shows what they dream about, what worries them and what makes them happy, what they aspire to and how they solve their life problems. How they need the support of those who surround them and how they help those whom they meet on their life journey.

The first night took place on the stage of the Academic Russian Theatre of Uzbekistan.

The project is supported by

The Embassies of the German Federative Republic and the United States of America in Uzbekistan,
The Academic Russian Theatre of Uzbekistan.

Production by:
Lilya Sevastyanova

Ñostume designer :
Nataliya Glubokina

The play is accompanied by the music of: I. S. Bach, F. Glas, R. Obri, R. Loveland, A. Pyart and others..

Alexandra Plotnikova, Nargiza Bakirova, Ivan Kirilov, Yulduz Babamuhamedova, Farid Shamsutdinov, Olga Ostanina, Viktoriya Gordienko, Ilya Ostanin, Lyudmila Gordienko, Kamila Shamsutdinova, Kamila Muhaamedshina, Emil Angalishev, Ruslan Ergashev, Dmitriy Pan.

Art director : Lilia Sevastyanova, Tel: (+998 90) 808 80 54,     e-mail: visage.theatre@gmail.com

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