Author and choreographer: Lilia Sevastyanova.
Artist-decorator: Natalia Glubokina.

About performance

It is a choreographic fairy-tale for children and adults performed by professional artists and children with limited ability.



Fancy adventures gathered Malvina, Pinocchio, Kay, Herda, Little Red Riding Hood, Gulliver, Merry Poppins and other characters in one performance. They associate through a modern dance language.


We hope that having felt the events happened with the heroes of the play, our adult and young audience could draw a parallel between fairy-tale and real life, where everybody is unique, talented and available to moral transformation, even he kept having a bed reputation. It is only needed to believe in it, feel the pain of somebody else and help each other.



Performance accompanied by music of Alfred Shnitke, Rene Aubry, Hugues le Bars.



The play Rainbow Day was made in co-operation with the Republic Theatre for Youth and on its stage.
We thank Swiss Agency of Assistance and Development for the grant supporting of the Project.

Art director : Lilia Sevastyanova,   Tel :(+99890) 808 80 54,     e-mail:

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